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Привет, Google [Bot]! User Control Panel Profile Logout. Notifications View bookmarks. Board index All times are UTC. However, such measures have a high potential for causing major damage by undermining incentives for the development of innovative technologies, which are most needed to address climate change over the long term.

Nor are such compulsory measures truly effective in promoting technology transfer. In order for technologies for preventing climate change to be used in practice, people need to have know-how to manage the technologies, as well as the intellectual property rights of the technologies.

Even if a host country acquires the intellectual property rights through compulsory licensing or purchasing, it has little hope of putting the technology to good use unless it has the know-how to use it effectively thereafter. Another problem is that, because any given technology is an aggregate of intellectual property rights and various types of know-how for which there is no standard market price, it becomes difficult to define what is to be compulsorily licensed or purchased and what value should be assigned.

For this reason we are opposed to compulsory licensing or purchase of intellectual property rights. In this connection the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate APP has been successful as a framework in which the public and private sectors of industrial and developing countries participate in practical activities to promote technical assistance, including the dissemination of best practices.

In the post international framework, it is important to utilize the experience of public-private cooperation in the APP. Based on the views of private experts of each sector, we must share information on best practices and the diffusion betcity зеркало тотализатор technology, carry out analyses on the potential for emissions reduction resulting from the adoption of technologies or practices and improvements in their application, and study assistance measures using all this information.

In addition, it is important that there be due recognition of the private sector"s role in international technical assistance, including personnel contributions. Mitigating climate change and adapting to its negative impact requires mechanisms for providing public funds to aid developing countries.

Such mechanisms already exist in the form of various funds, such as that established under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The first step is to work to ensure that these are managed appropriately. Should it become necessary to respond to further demand for funding, each country"s current level of effort should be evaluated objectively and fairly using a variety of criteria, including contributions to such multilateral frameworks as the World Bank, ODA outlays, and technical assistance. One proposal for supporting developing countries in their efforts to prevent climate change involves the concept of a sectoral crediting mechanism?

However, this idea raises the following problems:. If this occurred, not only could the emissions reduction effect anticipated in the developing countries be in question but the price of emissions credits would fall, permitting other countries to purchase them cheaply to fulfill their own reduction commitments and thus hinder global emissions reduction.

Going forward, it will be necessary to carefully deliberate the pros and cons of any such mechanism after fleshing out the concept, on the following premises:. A funding mechanism should be established to strengthen adaptation measures in countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse impact of climate change. Fundamentally, funding for adaptation should be provided by the public sector, since it is deemed to be often difficult for the private sector to provide such funds for reason of economic viability.

With regard to developing countries" adaptation to climate change, the private sector can contribute by providing technology both software and hardware for the prior assessment, management, and abatement of risks associated with climate change.

Negotiations are currently under way in the WTO to eliminate or reduce tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade in environmentally sound goods and services.

It is to be hoped that these negotiations can be accelerated, as encouraging worldwide use of the best energy-efficient products and renewable-energy products by removing barriers to their trade is an effective way to help address climate change.

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The G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit Leaders Declaration stated, similarly, that "efforts in the WTO negotiations to eliminate tariffs and non-tariff barriers to environmental goods and services should be enhanced with a view to disseminating clean technology and skills. In the course of WTO negotiations, a number of countries, including Japan, have submitted proposals for trade in goods and services, an area where tariff and non-tariff barriers should be eliminated.

From the standpoint of stemming climate change, it is vital that we eliminate tariff and non-tariff barriers to as many environmental goods and services as possible, including energy-efficient appliances and hybrid vehicles. Japan"s post medium-term targets are to be set some time next year, and a Mid-term Target Committee was recently set up under the prime minister"s Council on the Global Warming Issue to deliberate the question.

If an overly ambitious target is set without adequate consideration of the specific measures needed to achieve it and the costs involved, the heavy burden it places on the nation will come back to haunt us. It is essential that objective data be used to arrive at a target that is fair in comparison with those of other countries and feasible in every respect, including the concrete mitigation measures involved and their costs. We strongly urge the Mid-term Target Committee to conduct realistic and responsible deliberations, fully disclosing all information pertaining to the public burden.

For years, Nippon Keidanren has been working proactively to address climate change by helping boost Japanese industry"s energy efficiency to the world"s highest levels through tireless technological development and investment in energy-saving practices, and by adopting Keidanren Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment inin advance of the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol.

Nippon Keidanren is committed to continuing the fight against climate change not only during the Kyoto Protocol commitment period but in the post era as well. Nippon Keidanren will continue working to tackle climate change through all avenues, not only by reducing emissions from our own businesses" manufacturing and other processes but also by offering high-quality energy-efficient products, providing technical assistance to developing countries, and developing innovative technologies.

At the same time we will continue making a vigorous case for appropriate government policies that will lead to substantial reductions in Japan"s greenhouse gas emissions, including respect for voluntary action plans as a tool for reducing industrial emissions, active use of nuclear energy, and the institution of daylight savings time, etc.

Introduction If we are to solve the problem of climate change, all of humankind must adopt workable and effective measures over the long term. Essential Elements of a Post International Framework The Japanese business community believes that the following elements are essential for a fair and effective post international framework in which environmental preservation is compatible with economic growth and all major countries participate.

Position on Specific Items 1. Shared vision Because prevention of climate change is a challenge that will require cooperation on a global scale over a period of decades, it is essential that the post international framework include a vision that the entire world can share over the long term. Mitigation 1 Countries and regions with medium-term targets To ensure that our emissions reduction efforts are workable and effective, it is important that as many countries and regions as possible pursue the most effective emissions-reduction strategies for their own circumstances.

For example, reduction potential for each sector could be calculated in a following manner; Industries: Technology 1 Developing innovative technologies Since innovative technologies is essential if we are to solve the problem of climate change without sacrificing economic growth, it is necessary that global resources be channeled into the development of such technologies. Tariff barriers to the import of equipment and materials necessary to technical cooperation Complex administrative procedures for concluding technology transfer agreements Lack of knowledge or capable personnel in recipient countries Disincentives to the provision of technology owing to insufficient protection of intellectual property rights in host countries It is necessary first of all to remove such barriers.

Financial Mechanisms 1 Improving public financial mechanisms Mitigating climate change and adapting to its negative impact requires mechanisms for providing public funds to aid developing countries. However, this idea raises the following problems: Going forward, it will be necessary to carefully deliberate the pros and cons of any such mechanism after fleshing out the concept, on the following premises: Adaptation A funding mechanism should be established to strengthen adaptation measures in countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse impact of climate change.

Other Key Points 1. Liberalizing trade in environmentally sound goods and services Negotiations are currently under way in the WTO to eliminate or reduce tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade in environmentally sound goods and services. Japan"s medium-term targets Japan"s post medium-term targets are to be set some time next year, and a Mid-term Target Committee was recently set up under the prime minister"s Council on the Global Warming Issue to deliberate the question.

Conclusion For years, Nippon Keidanren has been working proactively to address climate change by helping boost Japanese industry"s energy efficiency to the world"s highest levels through tireless technological development and investment in energy-saving practices, and by adopting Keidanren Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment inin advance of the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol.

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